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29 Sep

How to make a cardboard box laptop Here’s a fun cardboard box project that doubles as both a toy and a literacy learning activity! Kids will love pretending to type on their own laptop,and they can carry it around. Creative students who think and who can produce practical solutions will form the future world. As you know, projects are made and exhibited at the end of the term at schools. We try to enrich our followers’ world of thought by sharing these projects with them.  

8 May

Every parent’s dream is to bring up their children as self-confident individuals who can stand on their own legs. Children’s taking responsibility for their own behavior is not a skill that they can acquire or learn in a day when they are old enough. Development of sense of responsibility is possible with some steps that can be taken from the first years of life. Children learn by ‘experiencing-doing’. Therefore, one of the most effective ways of developing sense of responsibility is to give chance to children to live the result of their behavior. No matter how old your children are,... 

4 May

What is the fine motor skill? The fine motor skill in children is the name given to the management of small muscles on hand and fingers. Thanks to the fine motor skills, your child can use the pencil, fork, scissors appropriately, buttons, tie the shoe, and can maintain. What you need: Scissors /glue and tray Solar system printables(You can download it for free from below. Right-click and save to computer) Let’s cut it first and then paste it Cutting activity free printables  

4 May

Space theme cut and paste activity It’s been hard to find this planetary model. I’ve been walking around shopping malls all over the store. But in the end I found:)I did this activity to teach the planets. ‘ Cause I even confuse it. You can use planet model,planet printables(we interrupted the previous activity please see there),black foam and construction paper. My daughter loves to glue She sometimes ruffled the order but then she looked at the model and did the right thing It was a nice project, we can sleep now. Planet craft ideas for toddlers,kids Saturn Jubiter Mercury Moon Venus Uranus Earth Neptune Mars Pluto... 

5 Apr

We love color by number activities 🙂 There are many benefits to color-by-number coloring pages. Aside from the benefits of coloring in general, your children will also learn the importance of coloring instructions, the meaning of symbols, and the advantage of seeing things through to the end.Absolutely try 🙂 When I went to the village, I brought this chick in a shoebox. Fortunately, the flight attendant didn’t see it. All along the way, “cik cik” shouted. Look, he’s escorting my daughter:)  

4 Apr

This page includes earth lacing activity  with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our solar system theme🙂 Whay you will need: Puncher Scissors Rope Earth picture Plastic Needle Prepping for play : Earth picture is printed and covered with PVC Punch holes about 3/4 or 1 inch apart around the edge of earth of the shapes. And our activity is ready 🙂  

12 Apr

Make your own fizzing fossil dınosaur eggs This page includes fossil dinosaur eggs with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our dinosaur theme. To Make Fızzıng Fossıl Dınosaur Eggs You Wıll Need Baking Soda (Bicarbonate Soda) Water Brown Food Colouring or coffee Baking Tray Small plastic dinosaurs (if you can get small plastic dinosaur skeletons even better) Vinegar Syringe, dropper or spray Fizzing Fossil Dinosaur Eggs In a large bowl add your baking soda and some of the brown food colouring or coffee– adding the food colouring will give the eggs a more stone like appearance.Gradually... 

12 Apr

This page includes salt dough dinosaur fossils with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our dinosaur theme. Made salt dough dinosaur fossils for cool dino themed week. It was a big messy fun!This fossil activity allows to kids to transaform into little archeologists.We had so much fun digging and discovering fossils! How to make: 4 cup flour 1 cup salt 2 glasses of water We put our ingredients in a bowl and mixed them. The consistency of the dough shouldn’t be very soft or hard, it should be hard on the skin. If it is too hard, you put water and if it is too soft, we put flour and get a dough... 

31 Mar

Five senses activities for kids Here’s a really fun file folder game for practicing the five senses with prepared  by me for my sweet girl.We are talking about the five sense  with my girl. The first activity was “wheel with our senses”. We chose something for them to touch, something to smell, taste and hear.She had a lot of fun trying to guess what it was. It was a lot of fun for my daughter to find and place findings. You can prepare this fun activity  in a little while by using the printables in this page. #gallery-3 { margin: auto; } #gallery-3 .gallery-item... 

25 Feb

Snowman Baking Soda Science Activity This page includes a science activity with prepared  by me for my sweet girl. This winter snowman baking soda science activity is loads of sensory fun and learning.This snowman baking soda science activity uses simple ingredients for science sensory play. Supplıes Needed: small plastic cups baking soda vinegar water black beads orange foam paper {for noises} glitter and sequins {optional} food coloring {optional}  

18 Feb

Learning About Bones Activities There are a few of the activities I prepared under the theme of bones. I am trying to choose themes that my daughter is interested in. After reading the books about our body organs, Ceren began to wonder about her body. First of all, I prepared each activity by taking each of the five senses one by one. Then we continued with the activities including our organs and skeletal system. You can review our activities from our web site. While science activities contribute to improvement in the psychomotor direction in younger age groups, they support development in many... 

17 Dec

Jellyfish theme magnet activity Make these adorable Jelly fish using cardboard and magnet and glue-scissors.Saturday is a good day for some colorful craft activity. Why not bring the snow home with you this winter with a splash of color and a new pet your whole family will enjoy. No one really wants to come across a jellyfish, but when it comes to this jellyfish magnet craft then you certainly want to be as close to one as possible. Materials: Glue and scissors Jellyfish card or printables Yellow and blue cardboard Magnet