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17 Jun

Bookmark craft ideas for kids All of kids likes bookmarks. We made these cute corner bookmarks yesterday.The kids and I are a bit addicted and want to enjoy Cute corner bookmarks Pop sicle stick bookmark craft ideas for preschoolers Emoji bookmarks in the art room Monster themed bookmarks Bookmarks gift for children               Our bookmarks ready to hide in our library books before we take them back. Pop sticks bookmark craft(sweet animals) Homemade bookmark fun.Children 4 had loads of fun making her very own bookmarks using pencils,stickers and streamers.          

7 Jun

How to make a pencil topper; Personalised pencil toppers Christmas themed pencil toppers craft &project Perfect quick and easy party bag filler for an emoji birthday party,  thank you everyone. Pencil topper craft with felt or foam Preschool gift ideas Pipe cleaner pencil toppers craft for kids Mickey mouse pencil toppers gift for preschoolers                                           

10 May

Mothers are the most valuable beings. If you ask me which of the books that I have read is the most beautiful one, let me say: It is my mother and today is her birthday. You are my sweetheart, I love you a lot my beautiful mom. I cannot love and attach to anybody in the world more than you, happy birthday my dear mom. My safest shelter in this world is our arms. It is my biggest luck in this world that you are my mom. I love you mummy. Mom, I admire your sweet smile, affectionate eyes, compassionate heart and especially your utterance of “my little one.” Happy birthday mummy. You are... 

12 Mar

Handmade keychains  How cute do they look together? a selection of magnets and keyrings Felt keyrings Diy felt animal keychains  

27 Feb

Easter bunnies craft ideas for preschoolers Easter bunny gift idea, paper crafts for kids Paper plate and paper cup bunnies craft ideas Bunny easter bulletin board ideas Bottle cap bunny craft for preschoolers Footprint easter bunny art activity Bunny themed project,gift ideas for kids  

3 Feb

Graduation crafts for preschool Preparing for graduation day in preschool… This is an exciting time and milestone for young children as they are preparing to enter into their elementary school years… Graduation Decorations Graduation Diplomas Other Links to Graduation Ideas… Graduation crafts for preschoolers  

6 Jan

Flower gift bulletin board ideas for preschoolers  

22 Nov

Teachers day 2016 craft and activities  

17 Nov

Flower craft idea for kids Tissue paper flower crafts Pipe cleaner flower craft ideas for kids Flower bulletin board ideas Rose craft idea Preschool flower wall decorations Flower gift ideas for mother days Plastic spoon flower craft idea for preschoolers Foam flower craft ideas  

21 Oct

Mother’s day gift ideas craft for preschoolers  

14 Oct

Frame craft ideas for kids,preschoolers,toddlers. Foam frame craft ideas Felt frame craft idea for preschoolers  

30 Sep

ghost crafts, halloween ghosts, ghostly projects for halloween, halloween ghost crafts for kids, ghost crafts and recipes, friendly HALLOWEEN crafts for kids, paper plate ghost craft for kids, spooky ghost crafts for halloween, halloween ghost decorations, easy ghost crafts & activities for halloween, ghost crafts for kids to do at halloween, halloween preschool activities   

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