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4 Mar

Preschool and kindergarten Mother’s Day crafts and arts I am really busy at the minute with work and other things but I still like to find the time to do crafts at times like these because I know I love to keep things like this as a little keepsake especially when their little hand prints are on them. We all know men don’t do it quite like us mumms. Mother’s day is then less than 2 month away.Looking for a quick handmade gift for that special Mom in your life? Check out my website and create a unique set of gifts and crafts in just a few hours. #gallery-1 { margin:... 

24 Feb

Preschool Valentine day heart card craft ideas Special thanks to all those wonderful art teachers for the inspiration.These are the Valentines Day crafts that we make last week. Love more.Yesterday, today and every day:) What you need: Pipe cleaners Playdough Colorful yarns             The preschoolers ‘inspired their hearts with art’ using a variety of craft materials and a lot of creativity and imagination. What did you do for valentines day week and what did you eat? Yarn activities for preschoolers,kids      

17 Jun

Bookmark craft ideas for kids Monster bookmarks for your little students. I’m a great believer that reading should be fun, fun, fun           Yesterday we made up for it with an afternoon of making in the home. My daughter will be taking them to school for her friends.A great bookmark     Our bookmarks ready to hide in our library books before we take them back. Pop sticks bookmark craft(sweet animals) Homemade bookmark fun.Children 4 had loads of fun making her very own bookmarks using pencils,stickers and streamers.     For this week we made a monster bookmarks. My daughter... 

10 May

Mothers are the most valuable beings. If you ask me which of the books that I have read is the most beautiful one, let me say: It is my mother and today is her birthday. You are my sweetheart, I love you a lot my beautiful mom. I cannot love and attach to anybody in the world more than you, happy birthday my dear mom. My safest shelter in this world is our arms. It is my biggest luck in this world that you are my mom. I love you mummy. Mom, I admire your sweet smile, affectionate eyes, compassionate heart and especially your utterance of “my little one.” Happy birthday mummy. You are... 

12 Mar

Handmade keychains  How cute do they look together? a selection of magnets and keyrings. Examples of handmade keychains. I got these craft activities from a friend of mine in the Instigram. He makes money selling these.                                             

21 Oct

Mother’s day gift ideas craft for preschoolers Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Day… Done!! I want them all!!’ We used acrylic paints to paint the pots and old art work to make the flowers. The girls are very proud of their garden.These are really sweet!They will love them. Happy Mother’s Day!! Our sweet little Mother’s Day flowers we made yesterday from construction paper and bottle