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18 Nov

Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids Turkey corks!!! These came out darlin!! I didn’t set this up to be a fine motor project but after I watched my girl make hers I kept observing her lil fingers trying to grasp these tiny parts and a little or maybe it was a ??? went off in my head…we had fun making these and we will proudly display them at our table.One of my boys is not a fan of holding a pencil with a pincher grasp but watching him pinch the tiny eyes and face parts I see a hundred different ways that he can get more corfortable with it.Very cool… I made this at work today on... 

7 Nov

Flower art craft ideas for kids This page includes a lot of free flower art and craft ideas for kids.Do these pages with your students with your child and enjoy. Children are your future… You can also send your free crafts&arts or activities in this page. Mail: Flower craft,art and bulletin board ideas…                                                             Ceren loves art,just as much as her sister! I put a flower art work together on her shelf for her to glue tell her little heart is content! I love the conversation... 

5 Nov

Human body crafts Children are our joy. As teachers, we act with the idea of shaping their futures. Creative students who think and who can produce practical solutions will form the future world. As you know, projects are made and exhibited at the end of the term at schools. We try to enrich our followers’ world of thought by sharing these projects with them. There are handmade-practical and cost-efficient activities below.                                           

1 Nov

Monster craft for kindergarten or preschool Monsters!!This brought me at least 30 mins of freedom:) Three eyed monster with plastic plate and one eyed monster Monster squad made from shampoo bottle. Monster mash magnets! She did the mash…She did the monster mash…it was a magnetic smash. This was a fun one to do!It held my daughter’s interest the whole time.She loved making the creepy and fun face for her monsters.We just grabbed random things we had in our supplies:felt,star stickers buttons,eyeballs and of course glitter! We finished our Wild Monsters projects with my last... 

28 Oct

It is a shame to have to think about Christmas before Halloween is over,but such is the life of an always planning teacher! Every year my kids have a tree at school and we make ornaments to decorate it!This year we will have an African themed tree!Theses little elephants are sure to make it shine! Materials:Cardboard,pipe cleaner,colorful beads,colorful buttons and paints Handprint elephant art Buttons elephant craft idea Paper roll and paper plates elephant craft for kids Balloons elephant craft idea for kindergarten Reycled elephant activities                                   

27 Oct

Cactus crafts&activities for preschoolers Toilet paper roll cactus craft idea Counting activities with cactus Torn paper cactus craft Cactus fork painting art activity for kindergarten C is for cactus Folding paper cactus craft idea Fork painting cactus craft idea                            

25 Oct

Halloween craft ideas&pumpkin crafts Halloween decorations for school Another one of our diy halloween decorations.It is yarn hung with tacks!!! So simple,interchangeable and with things everyone has on hand.I use mini clothespins and pipe cleaners to hang the crafts Kindergarten students are doing a great job drawing realistic pumpkins using curved lines:)but I think their favourite part is mixing red only yellow paint to make their own orange:)You can make different colors for Halloween… Our crazy pumpkin patch!One of my favourite mixed media art activities to do with the kiddos! This... 

20 Oct

Leaves craft for preschoolers This page includes alot of free leaves craft ideas for kids.Do these pages with your students with your child and enjoy. Children are your future… You can also send your free crafts or activities in this page. Mail: Leaves and sticks craft ideas Preschool or homeschool leaf craft ideas Leaf tree,princess,robot,butterfly,sun etc. craft for kids Autumn leaves and green leaves crafts Leaves collage activity for school                                                                         

13 Oct

Unicorn craft ideas for kids The kids and I went to a fun graduation party hosted by our friends.Princess unicorn theme…all the kids decorated unicorn bokmarks…super cute!! Our unicorns came out adorable:) We made by paper plates I m instructing all the lunch meals and a couple crafts…today we did unicorns with paper rolls!This project was simple fun and got all the kids into a creative uproar(I have been thinking of setting up a seperate page for my meals…Cooking is a passion of mine and I often teach meals that are vegan and gluten free. The children came up with a... 

11 Oct

Play dough crafts for toddlers After our reading of Super Spiders students were invited to make a spider of their own.These creatures are all so wonderfully creepy,crawly and unique. Play dough porcupines.Learning about quills and how animals protect themselves.Kids got two balls of dough and molded their body then added toothpick quills.Last they added their eyes. It s way past bedtime,but he is got the creating bug tonight.He finally had an idea on how to use his shells and play dough. Galaxy dough Play dough animal crafts Play doh hedgehog,flamingo,donkey and dinosaur craft ideas Play doh... 

2 Oct

Owl craft preschool Cardboard owl craft idea Foam owls craft for preschoolers Torn paper owl craft Toilet paper roll owls Owl themed door decoration and school  wall decorations Owl themed project for kids Step by step owl crafts and projects Handprint owl art activity for homeschool and kindergarten                                                

24 Sep

Handmade flower craft ideas for school Cotton pads flowers Qtip and cotton pad flower craft idea Wool wrapped cardboard flowers Daisy craft Stones and paper cups flowers Cup cake liner flowers Egg cartoons flowers Origami tulips Pipe cleaner flower craft idea Tissua paper flowers                                 These are turning out great.Who else loves tissue paper flowers? Spring project,the children painted and used glitter on egg cartons to make pretty flowers! The fourth graders finished their plastic bottle flowers.They loved this project but mainly because they... 

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