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21 Dec

Light table activities for kids Sensory art exploration on the light table-presented with the rose petals the children decided to sort them according to colour.I found interesting that the smell of the roses was associated with parties and cakes.We made a cake with shaving cream and printed artwork as a reminder of this encounter:) We laminated some of our leaves from our Nature walk to create with at the light table.(a fall day) Leaf man by Lois provided lots of inspiration-as did Star Wars .Leaf Stormtrooper and R2D2 were my favourite creations today:) Fall themed light table activities with... 

5 May

  The acquisition of number concept is very difficult during kindergarten period, because children in the small age group have difficulty understanding an abstract concept, such as numbers, because they are more prone to understanding concrete concepts. In order to teach this concept to children, we have to take advantage of concrete work in all the activities we organize so that children can learn the concept of numbers at the desired level. This page includes number writing worksheets for kids.Do these worksheets with your students with your child and enjoy. Children are your future…... 

4 May

What is the fine motor skill? The fine motor skill in children is the name given to the management of small muscles on hand and fingers. Thanks to the fine motor skills, your child can use the pencil, fork, scissors appropriately, buttons, tie the shoe, and can maintain. What you need: Scissors /glue and tray Solar system printables(You can download it for free from below. Right-click and save to computer) Let’s cut it first and then paste it Cutting activity free printables  

4 May

Space theme cut and paste activity It’s been hard to find this planetary model. I’ve been walking around shopping malls all over the store. But in the end I found:)I did this activity to teach the planets. ‘ Cause I even confuse it. You can use planet model,planet printables(we interrupted the previous activity please see there),black foam and construction paper. My daughter loves to glue She sometimes ruffled the order but then she looked at the model and did the right thing It was a nice project, we can sleep now. Planet craft ideas for toddlers,kids Saturn Jubiter Mercury Moon Venus Uranus Earth Neptune Mars Pluto... 

4 Apr

This page includes earth lacing activity  with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our solar system theme🙂 Whay you will need: Puncher Scissors Rope Earth picture Plastic Needle Prepping for play : Earth picture is printed and covered with PVC Punch holes about 3/4 or 1 inch apart around the edge of earth of the shapes. And our activity is ready 🙂  

29 Mar

Button worm apple name activities Children’s literacy skills include name-writing skills, name awareness. Writing their own name, recognition is a skill that shows significant and meaningful activity and developmental maturity for children. This page contains a  name awareness activity for my daughter. This button worm lacing name activity is a hands-on way to help kids recognize the letters in their name and practice fine motor skills.You can improve your children’s skills in this area with similar activities. Enjoy!!! You will need: Scissors Red, green and brown eva foam sheets Green... 

13 Mar

Bird nest craft ideas for preschoolers Beauty of Life Life is so amazing! Can’t believe after 2 weeks or so, the 2 tiny eggs in the nest have hatched! They look so cute yet at the same time helpless. I hope mother bird and father bird will find abundance food for their family. They are great and our theme this week is birds. We’re going to make birdnests and watch the documentary.Below are bird nest craft activities.   Crow craft ideas for preschool #gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align:... 

9 Mar

Fingerprint ant activities for kids An activity of making ant nest out of finger print How to make an ant nest? Ants are the most hardworking creatures in nature. They spend their lives with working all summer and resting underground in winter. We, as teachers, should present the nature to our students as it is. Most of the students know little about the lives of ants. We wonder how many of our students have seen an ant nest before? Ants work symmetrically without spoiling the order. They can carry the objects that are ten times bigger than themselves. Sometimes they build tunnels, bridges on their... 

1 Feb

Name art activity for kids Children’s literacy skills include name-writing skills, name awareness. Writing their own name, recognition is a skill that shows significant and meaningful activity and developmental maturity for children. This page contains a name awareness activity for my daughter. You can improve your children’s skills in this area with similar activities. Enjoy!!! CONSTRUCTION: First, the desired color is printed on a cardboard. Afterwards, the letters drawn with the help of a knife or scissors are cut off by force. Using double-sided tape or other glues, cardboard... 

13 Jun

This page includes some activities  with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our aquarium themed. There are practical,economic and playful activities in this page. Do these activities with your child and enjoy.Chidren are our future… You can also send your activities in this page:) What you need: Tray Paper Magnets and ocean animal figure    

31 May

On this page I have an ice cream stand for my daughter. What you need: Cardboard box Colorful construction paper Paper towel rolls Balloon and ice cream Different ornaments Children love toys and imagination.Which child does not like to ice cream?It was an easy project but it took a little longer. Some of our materials were missing.My daughter became a freezer and sold ice cream all day long.In the evening his father sold it to his father when he came home.We learned a lot today.    

25 May

Scissor skills activities Scissor activities develop fine motor skills.In children, fine motor skills, small muscles in the hands and fingers are called. The sheath helps to develop thin / small muscles in the hand of the child to open the door to cut the paper. Thin motor muscles are necessary for many activities such as writing, drawing, knotting, brushing teeth, holding a spoon.Cutting exercises develop attention and consantration. It is necessary for the child to focus and keep the attention in the memory by cutting out the forms on the paper or cutting through the line. #gallery-4 { margin:...