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Handprint fish art

Handprint fish craft for preschool,toddlers

Need to get on that properly today. (Although we did take time to make a family handprint art activity) .There were some things worth doing – I put out two very short blog posts and spent about an hour editing a much much longer one until my editing revealed a problem with the structure I have to fix.

What you need:

  • Construction paper
  • Paints
  • Googly eyes and fork
  • A little hand:)

My daughter made this art activity together with the aunt.Because art loves its activities.Firstly, she went to the activity room and found the paints.These two handprint arts have been done in different times. I have combined them. Your care will be easier.Have a nice activity day.

Fish handprint art. I use lollipop sticks for the plants and folded pipe cleaners for the bubbles (yes, the blue dots are bubbles

Handprint fish art activity

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