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21 Dec

Light table activities for kids Sensory art exploration on the light table-presented with the rose petals the children decided to sort them according to colour.I found interesting that the smell of the roses was associated with parties and cakes.We made a cake with shaving cream and printed artwork as a reminder of this encounter:) We laminated some of our leaves from our Nature walk to create with at the light table.(a fall day) Leaf man by Lois provided lots of inspiration-as did Star Wars .Leaf Stormtrooper and R2D2 were my favourite creations today:) Fall themed light table activities with... 

11 Dec

Princess crown making with sparkle play doh for kids Crown making Crown craft activity Princess barbie crown craft idea Barbie crown craft Learn colors play doh barbie disney princess frozen Elsa sparkle clown activity Step by step princess clown My daughter made this activity at home.Because she likes Frozen Elsa and Anna(Princess) Materials: Play doh(colorful) Sparkle Ornaments                                        Have fun…      

7 Dec

Newspaper dog craft idea for kids This page includes two sweet dogs craft for children. Materials: Newspapers Font carton Glue and scissors Why this craft? Because,the fine motor skills is very important for us. My daughter and her friend made that craft with news paper.(age 4-6 years). All together examine my pictures. Have fun:))        

27 Nov

Zoo sensory bin idea We made zoo sensory box with my students.                     

17 Nov

Foliage painting and printing activities for kids Foliage painting for toddlers or kindergarten First of all, you should find plenty of green leaves… Some more foliage paintings from 4/6 years old.All the girls like this invitation,but my boys seemed less thrilled.When I told them they could go collect their own leaves,sticks and flowers they spent most of the time exploring outside.Some activities aren’t for everyone and that is ok.I like to mix it up a bit to find out which kids are interested in what. Sometimes it’s interesting to see how each kid uses the materials presented.For... 

16 Nov

Toilet paper roll leaf stamping fall tree craft idea Goodbye autumn themed activity for kindergarten or toddlers Materials Needed: Toilet paper rolls Scissors Paper plates Paints(every color) Tree template  

10 Nov

Makeup cotton pads swan painting activity&fine motor activity Materials Needed: Makeup cotton pads Glue and scissors Red foam Colorful font carton Movable eyes Instructions: 1-Cutting Makeup Cotton pads  by scissors as a shape of heart is the first thing should be done. And then stick the Make-up Cotton pads on the carton font by glue. 2-After that your child will be able to paint it as much as they like. At the same time, your child can apply painting with syringe or drip cap for improvement of their fine motor skills. 3-My pretty daughter did painting on Make-up Cotton Pads as much... 

1 Nov

Monster craft for kindergarten or preschool Monsters!!This brought me at least 30 mins of freedom:) Three eyed monster with plastic plate and one eyed monster Monster squad made from shampoo bottle. Monster mash magnets! She did the mash…She did the monster mash…it was a magnetic smash. This was a fun one to do!It held my daughter’s interest the whole time.She loved making the creepy and fun face for her monsters.We just grabbed random things we had in our supplies:felt,star stickers buttons,eyeballs and of course glitter! We finished our Wild Monsters projects with my last... 

12 Oct

Spray bottle art for toddlers or kindergarten What kids doesn’t love a spray bottle?! We drew on paper towels with felt tip pens,and then sprayed away!Simple as that.Then they started again with new paper towels,and did it all again and again and again…This is great for reluctant mark markers ,as the focus is on having something to spray.Spray bottle are also good for fine motor skills and building up strength. The wonderful world of bottle spray art using nature to make negative space prints! So you can never have enough spray dye on your work…right! It is so addictive:) and... 

11 Oct

Play dough crafts for toddlers After our reading of Super Spiders students were invited to make a spider of their own.These creatures are all so wonderfully creepy,crawly and unique. Play dough porcupines.Learning about quills and how animals protect themselves.Kids got two balls of dough and molded their body then added toothpick quills.Last they added their eyes. It s way past bedtime,but he is got the creating bug tonight.He finally had an idea on how to use his shells and play dough. Galaxy dough Play dough animal crafts Play doh hedgehog,flamingo,donkey and dinosaur craft ideas Play doh... 

10 Oct

Lightbulb painting for kids What else could a lamp do other than to light it? Kids love to paint.We wanted to do something creative.My mind came to this idea. This page includes a lot of free light bulb painting art activity for preschool or homeschool.Do these art&activities with your students with your child and enjoy. Children are your future… You can also send your free arts in this page. Enjoy… Penguins Chick Bees Puppets    

17 Sep

P is for pizza.We made shape pizzas.First the kids painted on ‘sauce’ then they added toppings one at a time.After we counted the different shapes.I wrote the number then the kids traced. Make your own pizza.Arts and crafts style!This craft is perfect for a pizza party or just for fun:) Learning about fractions and the letter ‘P’ so we made our own puzzles and are having a pizza in pajamas day:) Homemade pizza,kids loved this set up.They have requested to do it again tomorrow with more ingredients:) Pizza craft for ‘P’ week,with the toddlers.One of my children’s... 

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