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19 Oct

Super inspired by all these ig mom’s who share ideas for toddlers. Here’s my own version for sorting. At 2 years old, he has recognized colors for awhile but even I was surprised that this caused him to focus. 10-15 minutes of focus from a toddler his age is golden! And I didn’t have to go buy anything. And we may have ate a few during the process.

color-activities-for-kindergarten color-sorting-and-matching-activities colour-activities-for-preschoolers-2 colour-activities-for-preschoolers colour-activities-for-toddlers colour-sorting-activities-for-toddlers free-printable-matching-games-color-matching-activity matching-activities-for-autismcolour-day-activities-for-kindergarten-1 matching-activities-for-autismcolour-day-activities-for-kindergarten-2 matching-activities-for-preschoolers matching-activities-for-toddlers-1 matching-activities-for-toddlers-2 matchingsortingpatterningcolors-activities-1 matchingsortingpatterningcolors-activities-2 teaching-colors toddler-and-preschool-color-matching-activity

Homeschool learning color free printables

black color matching (1) black color matching (2) blue color matching (1) blue color matching (2) brown color matching (1) brown color matching (2) green color matching (1) green color matching (2) greey color matching (1) greey color matching (2) orange color matching (1) orange color matching (2) pink color matching (1) pink color matching (2) purple color matching (1) purple color matching (2) red color matching (1) red color matching (2) white color matching (1) white color matching (2) yellow color matching (1) yellow color matching (2)

Sorting & categorizing activities for kids


ideas-to-practice-classification-for-kids-1 ideas-to-practice-classification-for-kids-2 matching-and-sorting-are-early-stages-of-math-development-1 matching-and-sorting-are-early-stages-of-math-development-2 preschool-and-kindergarten-sorting-and-classifying-activities-1 preschool-and-kindergarten-sorting-and-classifying-activities-2 preschool-sorting-categorizing-activities-for-kids-1 preschool-sorting-categorizing-activities-for-kids-2 preschool-sorting-categorizing-activities-for-toddlers-1 preschool-sorting-categorizing-activities-for-toddlers-2 preschool-sorting-activities-1 preschool-sorting-activities-2 sorting-categorizing-activities-for-kids-1 sorting-categorizing-activities-for-kids-2 vehicles-preschool-sorting-categorizing-activities-for-kids-1 vehicles-preschool-sorting-categorizing-activities-for-kids-2

Color matching game for toddlers

In the teaching of the color concept in children, sorting can be from the main colors to the intermediate colors, as well as the “black, white” colors can be started around the child.

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  1. Amy
    12:26 am on January 13th, 2019

    It says Free Printables! How do I print them out?

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