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26 Dec

Corn Math Activity

  • This page includes “Corn Math Activity” with prepared  by me for my sweet girl.
  • It is expressed that the motor skills are requiring usage of children’s hand and fingers.  If hand– eye coordination of children are developed well, they can use them in a best way. If we eveluate the skills of daily life, we use these skill groups in oreder to do necessary things for our lives. The children who cannot use their hands and fingers in a best way have some difficulties in their daily life skills. Also, these children have some problems in their school life, and in hand writing. The lack of self confidence which the academic failure cause has a negative effects on social development of the children.
  • The attention is a skill and it can be developed from the birth. The follow of stimulus the power and period of focusing, comprehensionof relationship between the objects are so important contribution for children. Although a child is so smart, the attention is so important contribution. You can support your children’s attention and focusing and development of fine motor skills with these activities.
  • However, the point which we cannot skip is that every child has different period of focusing and attention process. So we shouldn’t compare them with another children. We can follow our children’s concentration period which develops gradually with their ages and we can contributetheir developments with takinginto consideration their learning styles.
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