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Play tractor made from cardboard boxes

My son 4.5 year old boy. I hope you continue to grow to be a wild free spirited, free thinker. Your intelligence and imagination stop me in my tracks.We made a cardboard tractor.So cute.


  • Cardboard box
  • Glue and scissors
  • Construction paper and aluminium foil

Let’s first find a cardboard box.The construction steps are shown in the pictures.

amazing toys made with cardboard

how to build a cardboard tractor

how to make a tractor out of cardboard

play tractor made from cardboard boxes

tractor made out of cardboard

cardboard tractor tutorial

All I see when I look at this pictures is you! 😊 made me smile…you have a beautiful little boy:)

cardboard box fun

What you need:

  • Two cardboard box
  • Circle cardboard (for the wheel)
  • Tape and glue/scissors
  • Steering wheel
  • Yellow,black and green construction papers

It was difficult to find these cardboard boxes.

tractor costume

 We started drawing like an engineer.
tractor costume for child

We found a steering wheel and tactical to the cardboard box

Tractor Farmer Cardboard Box Costume

cool tractor farmer cardboard box

Look, the tractor is starting to grow. It’s a big tractor.We covered the outside with green construction paper.Very cute

how to make a tractor out of cardboard

tractor made from cardboard

tractor cardboard house

costume halloween  how to make a tractor with recycled materials

how to make tractor

My project is over. My son liked this project very much. You can spend pleasant moments in this activity.When his friends came home he showed them. He was very happy. He said he made me a tractor.

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