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21 Oct

Animals craft ideas for preschool kids

What do you think about our animal craft ideas?

After finishing our Animal Habitats unit, we made different animals for different habitats as our bulletin board. The kids loved making the animals and they all came out so cute.

These are the animals that my students made on their own; ”bee,caterpillar,ladybug,rabbit, bird, octopus and spider.”This is an adorable craft that even a not so crafty teacher and crafty kids can do! Thank you!

animals   bat-craft

bee-crafts-1   bee-crafts-2

bird-wall-decorations-1   bird-wall-decorations-2

bottle-cap-cock-craft   caterpillar-art

caterpillar-crafts-1   caterpillar-crafts-2

caterpillar-crafts-3   cd-ladybug-crafts

cock-bulletin-board-idea   elephant-craft

felt-shark-craft   frog-crafts-1

frog-crafts-2   handprint-bee-art

ladybug-craft-for-graduation   ocean-animals-craft

paper-cup-frog-craft   paper-ladybug-craft

pasta-lion-craft   pencil-shapener-trash-fish-craft

pipe-cleaner-monkey-craft   play-doh-fish-craft

sea-animal-craft   sheep-crafts-1

sheep-crafts-2   spider-craft

sweet-fish-craft   turtle-craft

Meet a colourful collection of cardboard animals, all made from recycling




Fun animals crafts for preschool

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