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24 Sep

Handmade flower craft ideas for school

If your looking for an easy spring-inspired activity, and a fun way to up cycle all those left over egg cartons from Easter then look no further! These colorful egg carton flowers were inspired by pinterest.

I never use to save ours until I started seeing so many wonderful art projects you can do with them, now I don’t want to throw any away.This is so great for spring day.








These are turning out great.Who else loves tissue paper flowers?

Spring project,the children painted and used glitter on egg cartons to make pretty flowers!

The fourth graders finished their plastic bottle flowers.They loved this project but mainly because they got free flow use of the glue guns all lesson!

We turned our coffee filter watercolour art into flowers.

More beautiful spring flowers made from coffee filters and our homemade liquid watercolours.

Flower craft idea for kids

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