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13 Oct

Unicorn craft ideas for kids

The kids and I went to a fun graduation party hosted by our friends.Princess unicorn theme…all the kids decorated unicorn bokmarks…super cute!!

Our unicorns came out adorable:) We made by paper plates

I m instructing all the lunch meals and a couple crafts…today we did unicorns with paper rolls!This project was simple fun and got all the kids into a creative uproar(I have been thinking of setting up a seperate page for my meals…Cooking is a passion of mine and I often teach meals that are vegan and gluten free.

The children came up with a fantastic idea that they wanted to sell unicorn popcorn at the enterprise day to help raise money for charity.So tonight I have made their dreams and realty.Tomorrow the children will be making the popcorn,melting chocolate and adding their sprinkles…unicorn popcorn they want,unicorn popcorn they have…

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