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29 Mar

Button worm apple name activities Children’s literacy skills include name-writing skills, name awareness. Writing their own name, recognition is a skill that shows significant and meaningful activity and developmental maturity for children. This page contains a  name awareness activity for my daughter. This button worm lacing name activity is a hands-on way to help kids recognize the letters in their name and practice fine motor skills.You can improve your children’s skills in this area with similar activities. Enjoy!!! You will need: Scissors Red, green and brown eva foam sheets Green... 

26 Mar

Moving fish craft ideas for kids Lots of little fish were sleeping on a rock, in the bottom of the ocean.They lifted up their heads and shook out their tails. My daughter’s nursery staff did this with them just before the weekend – it looks cute ! My daughter loved it.When I saw them, I did it in class. Yes, everyone was super jealous so i’ll be doing a mini lesson next class so everyone can make one.I taught one student step by step and then she taught the next finisher then the next one taught the next finisher and so on. they loved it        

23 Mar

Number recognition activities This page includes number match counting activitiy with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our math theme. A fun game to teach your child counting and numbers.We have fun! Materials: White cardboard Plate Pencil Ruler Dot stickers Clothespins Construction: Firstly the wheel is drawn on the cardboard using a ruler and a plate.And  cut with scissors. The dot stickers are pasted on the designed wheel. And our activity is ready 🙂 Number Hunt Activity This page includes a number hunt activity with prepared  by me for my sweet girl.  

7 Mar

Fine motor skills activities for toddlers A few of today’s fine motor activities!Practicing our fine motor skills by recycled materials. Sequencing recognition, fine motor, linguistic and matching play was brought to life by using craft ideas.Pick one, come on.  

28 Feb

Paper weaving craft for preschoolers In this activity, we fine motor skills &development of small muscles.In our elementary or early childhood years, we all made braids from paper, we decorated our classes. I do not think he’s got much left. making a nostalgia will give you and your child a pleasant moment. We regularly make these with kids groups. Never heard them called animals weaving before though. Great for incorporating into stories.            Weaving activity for kids Soaking up some sun and time with my students today! What do you like to do on Friday? Simply colour,... 

25 Oct

Tracing pre writing worksheets This page includes tracing printables for kids.Do these sheets with your students with your child and enjoy. Children are your future… You can also send your free worksheets in this page. Mail: Handwriting activities for school Fun tracing activities This page includes a lot of free pre writing activities for preschool,kids,toddlers.Do these activities with your students,with your child and engoy.This is one of the best activities for preschool children to help develop control when using a pencil. Print this sheet often... 

4 Oct

Seahorse fine motor activity for kids What you need: Pencil and scissors Grey construction paper Yarn and puncher First we draw a sea horse.Then we punch holes.Let’s prepare the yarns Now, develop the fine motor skills.My daughter loves it very much.Fingers worked hard.  Eric carle thanks a lot. My daughter loves you  

25 May

Scissor skills activities Scissor activities develop fine motor skills.In children, fine motor skills, small muscles in the hands and fingers are called. The sheath helps to develop thin / small muscles in the hand of the child to open the door to cut the paper. Thin motor muscles are necessary for many activities such as writing, drawing, knotting, brushing teeth, holding a spoon.Cutting exercises develop attention and consantration. It is necessary for the child to focus and keep the attention in the memory by cutting out the forms on the paper or cutting through the line. #gallery-6 { margin:... 

25 May

This page contains activities we made for bee themed. Materials: Bottle caps Construction papers Flowers Toilet paper rolls Bee puzzle cards Pipe cleaner and buckle Our first activity is the ones we made from the bottle caps.And bee puzzle. Here too, the beehive we made using toilet paper rolls.And cardboard bee poster Do you have a bee crown? My daughter loved it. We used pipe cleaners and buckle for ıts. We did this from the toilet paper roll. This is the ornamental side of the job. My daughter loves the flowers.Bees too. Creative activities for toddlers There is fun activities dear... 

12 Apr

Make your own fizzing fossil dınosaur eggs This page includes fossil dinosaur eggs with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our dinosaur theme. To Make Fızzıng Fossıl Dınosaur Eggs You Wıll Need Baking Soda (Bicarbonate Soda) Water Brown Food Colouring or coffee Baking Tray Small plastic dinosaurs (if you can get small plastic dinosaur skeletons even better) Vinegar Syringe, dropper or spray Fizzing Fossil Dinosaur Eggs In a large bowl add your baking soda and some of the brown food colouring or coffee– adding the food colouring will give the eggs a more stone like appearance.Gradually... 

12 Apr

This page includes salt dough dinosaur fossils with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our dinosaur theme. Made salt dough dinosaur fossils for cool dino themed week. It was a big messy fun!This fossil activity allows to kids to transaform into little archeologists.We had so much fun digging and discovering fossils! How to make: 4 cup flour 1 cup salt 2 glasses of water We put our ingredients in a bowl and mixed them. The consistency of the dough shouldn’t be very soft or hard, it should be hard on the skin. If it is too hard, you put water and if it is too soft, we put flour and get a dough... 

31 Mar

Paper clip fine motor activity for homeschool The fine motor skills are the movements of the hand and finger muscles,For example; writing, painting, cutting with scissors, tying the shoes, close the zipper, hair crawling, eating with a cutlery. For hand-eye coordination, as well as the development of fine motor skills, visual attention is also very important. Activities on the development of fine motor skills in the pre-school period will have a positive impact on the literacy process starting in primary school. I also prepared this activity to support the development of fine motor skills for my...