Learning color activities

Toddlers color activity with hedgehogs

Color sorting with an almost 18 month.Number one tip when doing this with your young toddler is to let them play with the objects before diving into the activity. The first 20 minutes C dumped them on her head, threw them, and tasted them. After the excitement died down, I showed her where the objects belonged and she was eventually placing them in the correct hedgehog by herself. Not because she’s a baby genius, but because we repeated the activity over and over (and over!) again!

What you need:

  • Blue,yellow,green and red playdough
  • Plastic colorful small sticks
  • Wooden tray



Colors craft for preschoolers

This page includes alot of free color craft ideas for kids.Do these crafts with your students with your child and enjoy.

Children are your future…

You can also send your free crafts in this page.

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Have fun!

Learning color activities for toddlers

colors black for kıds

colors blue for kıds

colors brown for kıds

colors green for kıds

colors grey for kıds

colors orange for kıds

colors pink for kıds

colors printable colors purple for kıds colors rainbow colors red for kıds colors white for kıds colors yellow for kıds colors learning colors

Learning color fine motor activities

Let’s fill the jars

For beginners
Cut and laminate the pictures. Let the child match the objects to the jars with the same color. Excellent exercise for introducing of colors, speech development, thinking, visual discrimination.

green learning cutting printable (2) green learning cutting printable orange learning free printables (2) orange learning free printables red color cutting activities (2) red color cutting activities yellow learning cutting free printable (2) yellow learning cutting free printable

Big eyes color learning activities

big eyes owl free printable (1) big eyes owl free printable (2) big eyes owl free printable (3) blue owl free printable green owl free printable (1)

green owl free printable (2) orange owl free printable pink owl free printable red owl free printable yellow owl free printable

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