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28 Oct

It is a shame to have to think about Christmas before Halloween is over,but such is the life of an always planning teacher! Every year my kids have a tree at school and we make ornaments to decorate it!This year we will have an African themed tree!Theses little elephants are sure to make it shine! Materials:Cardboard,pipe cleaner,colorful beads,colorful buttons and paints Today we learned the elephant and the bee song. I planned the activities I wanted to give the big – small concept. This song is really beautiful.Then we did the drama of the song. They dance and try to sing it along with... 

17 Oct

Elephant craft idea for preschoolers What color is the filler? Gray? The filler gray color that lives in the soil. But art does not have such classic patterns. In a work of art everything can be in every color and shape. We will make a red elephant today. Read elephant stories to support this activity. Benefits:Hand-eye coordination, small muscle development, aesthetic sensation. Materials:Construction papers,toilet paper roll,paper or plastic plate,red pipe cleaner,tissue papers(for elmer)