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Cardboard box house school project

Recycled box house project

One of the biggest loss of space age technology. Students with technological tools is very busy. That we are teachers too hard. To tell you the truth, we can’t leave our phones. I’m not mad at them.
My advice to as a teacher:
Please let’s take the time to your children.
Let’s do the fun activities with them games play.
Let’s do some crafts or art activities together.

Long time we not watch television

The following students made together with their parents, the craft and project. It may not be very professional but the most valuable thing in life is love and effort.


I hate to chuck anything away so I repurposed this box as a house.It just needs bricks adding.The children can work on their ”cutting skills” to snip up bricks before sticking them on.

As part of our ”all about me” topic we are learning about homes this week.
My student made this awesome cardboard house with her parents and bought it in to show.Great timing as it is cardboard craft week.

Cardboard home projects ideas

These activities was prepared by my students.I thank them for these great cardboard home crafts activities.

If you like to recycle, have a good old fashioned papercutter and more time than money, this project is for you.

Little cardboard houses

Homemade cardboard house projects for school

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