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2 Oct

Owl craft preschool

A family of owls created by our family….. these guys are about 2 years old!!! Thinking it is time to do some new ones, especially as the girls skill level is so much more advanced now.I love the little owls! So cute!

Making the cutest stinking little owls out of construction paper,tissue paper, foam and felt.

What’s on your front door?
A wooden owl cutout and a can of gold glitter spray paint inspired this guy. He still needs a bowtie. I’ll add that later.

Painting, cutting, and pasting are just a few of the ways in which our children artists express their creativity and develop fine motor skills.

Can you guess what we are making in our preschoolers classes this week?Great owlllllssss art activity

    These toilet paper tube owls our craft week.So cute


    I am so glad he came out today. That was so much fun. He is a great participant in the class and super helpful.The owl craft very awesome.

   The fall leaves have been turned into a fall owl:)


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