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17 Jan

Wreathand christmas craft ideas for kids                         My 7 year old decided she’d like to make a leaf wreath with us.She stopped about halfway through to go back into the yard to find some more leaves.(Fall themed activity) All ready to hang.Passing along my love of the Fall season. F is for Fall. Making a Fall wreath to decorate her room door. Supplies:white paper plate (middle cut out),leaves (real or fake),glue.Easy! For number 5 we added 5 snowflakes,5 gems and 5 fingerprint berries to our wreaths. The whole class was occupied for 40 minutes having a go at... 

17 Dec

Christmas group time activities for preschoolers Be sure to hit follow for awesome pictures.With big thanks to the original owner Please mention the original photographer in the comments if you know them.   What is better than Christmas activities?(Pinecone christmas tree craft) I am doing my best to add some Christmas decorations to our home.This one was made by her,I just did the shape and cute the tape.Great fine motor skills development and the beauty of art through the window,the lights…And she was so proud.When she finished it,snow started fall and it was a magical moment. Christmas...