Christmas crafts for kids

This page includes alot of free merry christmas craft and activities for kids.Do these pages with your students with your child and enjoy.

Children are your future…

You can also send your free pages in this page.


christmas-art christmas-bulletin-board-idea christmas-bulletin-board-ideas christmas-raindeer-craft-1 christmas-raindeer-craft-2 christmas-raindeer-craft-3 christmas-raindeer-craft-4

christmas-sensory-bin christmas-snowman-craft-1 christmas-snowman-craft-2 christmas-snowman-craft-3 christmas-snowman-craft-4 christmas-snowman-craft-5 christmas-snowman-craft-6 christmas-snowman-craft-7 christmas-snowman-craft-8 christmas-tree-craft-1 christmas-tree-craft-2 christmas-tree-craft-3 christmas-tree-craft-4 christmas-tree-craft-5 christmas-tree-craft-6 merry-christmas-1 merry-christmas-2 merry-christmas-3 merry-christmas-4 merry-christmas-activity-1 merry-christmas-activity-2 noel-craft paper-cup-christmas-craft toilet-paper-roll-noel-craft welcome-2017-craft-1 welcome-2017-craft-2 welcome-2017-craft-3

Christmas crafts for kids

christmas-art-for-toddlers christmas-craft christmas-deer-craft christmas-deer-craft  christmas-door-decoration-2 christmas-kids-1     christmas-tree-craft-1

Oooh boy that was a lot of tracing, cutting and pasting but I love how our handprint Christmas trees turned out! Now to hang them in the gym to decorate for our Christmas concert…

christmas-tree-craft-2  christmas-tree-craft-4

Christmas activities and crafts for preschoolers

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