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2 Dec

A breathing activity with rolls This page includes a breathing activity with rolls prepared  by me for my sweet girl.We had so much fun! Supplies; Rolls Scissors Silicon Silicon gun Cardboard Pipette Pompoms              

23 Nov

A Fun Breathing Game for Kids This page includes a fun breathing game  for kids prepared  by me for my sweet girl.Have fun 🙂 Children will be more motivated to learn, practice, and implement deep breathing if it is fun. Below are some fun activities to help children learn this important life skill. Blowing a Pinwheel Such a simple, yet fun toy, who doesn’t love to watch the pinwheel colors mix together as it spins? Have the child take a deep breath (remind them slow and deep). Instruct them to hold their breath for 2 seconds (count out loud). Then, release the breath by blowing... 

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