Telling the time clock projects

Telling the time clock projects for school and students

What a great idea

My students have been interested in time, so I want to follow their lead and introduce the basics of time concretely to their.

Today we talked about the parts of a clock; numbers, the hour/minute hand (anyone else still call it the big and little hand?!?), and different types of clocks and why we need to know the time of day. .

Now C asked if she could get a watch to tell time…I see where this was going!

Love this!! So pretty:)

Preschool owl theme clock project

Tick, tock ,tick, tock.
As a kid,I struggled a lot with the concept of time and it was not until I was 11 that I finally learnt how to read an analogue clock.I love this idea and think it would have benefited me greatly on my journey.I love that the little flaps reveal the 5 minute counting rule,the saving grace in my time telling journey.I’d love to add sections about past and to onto this as well.Definitely could be utilised well in a classroom.

The time is always right to do what is right.
Even artificial clock shows us right time,so respect the real one:)
Clock made by my pretty students…for the project work and is selected for annual exhibition at her school.Owl theme clock craft activity..

What you need:

  • Glue and scissors
  • Clock printables
  • Construction paper(pink,orange,red,white,black)
  • Googly eyes (I didn’t use)

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