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22 Mar

Fish craft ideas for kindergarten Third grades are collaging ocean scenes using their warm color fish,bubble printed backgrounds,and cool color painted paper…. second grade fish mobiles up Improve imagination with different materials!This fish rock.          

21 Mar

Stork craft ideas for preschool We teachers often try to find different things while doing crafts activities.Today we read a stork story and all my students began to wonder about the stork.When I came home tonight, I did some research on the Internet. I got some samples from the Pinterest.Review the samples and make a comeback.The most needed materials are the makeup cotton(cotton pads).You can use paper plate and construction papers.                    

20 Mar

Seed craft ideas for preschoolers kids There’s always bean in your house. I call them magic beans. I have a box full of beans in my class. Why? Because beans increase our creativity. For example, do you need to make bunny craft or chick crafts for Easter? Take the magic beans and get started.As you can easily do in class, parents can do at home. Do you want to fish for example? Get one of those foam plates and paste the beans.It’s a material to be rewarded for the fine motor skills.You can use other seeds, not just beans. The seed art or craft activities can be achieved easily and... 

16 Mar

Toucan craft for ideas preschoolers kids Toucan birds are usually found in herds. The tree buckets nest. The need for food satisfies by eating fruit, various insects, small reptiles, baby birds and eggs. They don’t like flying. His toenails are quite predatory. Although the beak is large, it is not too strong. It’s a curious bird, it enjoys pecking everything it sees in the environment. What do you say we make this bird at school?We can use paper plates,construction and scrap papers and paints.The toucan crafts so cute. Here’s the thing about introducing arts and crafts... 

15 Mar

Hungry caterpillar craft and art ideas for kids We read drilled our words,answered questions,and threw glitter on our craft today. I prepped the caterpillars before therapy,but left off one pom pom.The kiddos used my completed caterpillar to tell me which color they needed. The class sequencing activity with The Very Hungry Caterpillar caught a lot of attention at our school.My students were so excited to know that their work was shared on the Internet. The very hungry caterpillar.Love these kinds of art activities where we can observe how each child interprets an image. The Very Hungry Caterpillar... 

14 Mar

Bird themed crafts for preschoolers,kids Our preschool artists have been working super hard at their cutting skills to create eye catching collaborative birds inspired. This cute and crafty bird craft  idea is on my blog. Stay safe We constructed these so cute birds crafts with the green class today! They had fun cutting, gluing & bending the paper plate and construction papers for a finished product.                                             Paper plate  bird crafts and tissue paper tree crafts #gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item... 

9 Mar

Fingerprint ant activities for kids An activity of making ant nest out of finger print How to make an ant nest? Ants are the most hardworking creatures in nature. They spend their lives with working all summer and resting underground in winter. We, as teachers, should present the nature to our students as it is. Most of the students know little about the lives of ants. We wonder how many of our students have seen an ant nest before? Ants work symmetrically without spoiling the order. They can carry the objects that are ten times bigger than themselves. Sometimes they build tunnels, bridges on their... 

3 Mar

Donkey craft idea for preschoolers We go to the village every summer. There’s grandma and grandpa. They have a small house and a lot of chicken. He used to have a lot of donkeys in the village, but not much right now. My daughter loves donkeys most.There are donkey crafts activities made from recycling materials below.  

28 Feb

Creative fish craft idea for preschoolers My littlest made this fish out of construction paper. I’m still trying to figure out how – she told me I had to try before she would give me the instructions.We had so much fun with this activity.               These is amazing, check my page out if you have time i think i might have some stuff you’d like 🙂 We made colorful papers fish craft  

26 Feb

Koala crafts for preschoolers This week’s kindergarten and preschool story time. Koala theme activities She loved making this koala and while she was painting we talked all about koalas and where the live and what they eat. So nice to spend some down time with her in this heat. What’s the collective noun for a group of koalas? Stuff I made for work and for kids to make.So cool.You can use paper plates,old news papers,construction and scrap papers.Have a nice night:)                 

24 Feb

Bee craft idea for preschoolers I heard that some of the things to help other than planting bee friendly flowers is to make bees nest so they can have more places to call home? People have told me they also can grab honey from these make shift homes… is that not a good thing to do? Our themed bee this week.They are so cute.Crafts and display activities.                     Our adorable new display.That looks great. I know how u love to be creative this is an awesome page for u to follow channy has amazing stuff. Bee bulletin board ideas for preschoolers These activities was prepared... 

23 Feb

Elephant craft ideas for preschool Paper plate elephant craft ideas. Me and my little daughter made this. Thank you ”pinterest” for this idea. My girl was so happy. Great way to add art to your nursery! Make this beautiful picture with your partner and any other children and display with pride on your baby’s wall! Leave a space on the picture and your new arrival can add their own little nelly later:) Today’s arts and craft was making an elephant out of CD.My daughter wanted it to be purple. We have learned the elephant and bee song today. This song is really beautiful....