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15 Feb

Horse craft idea for preschoolers After a fun day of spring party& horse theme crafts, this afternoon I set up one final craft for the paper and paper plates to explore. Not only was it great to help develop their creativity but it was also perfect to learn & match colours.We tried a few different kinds of materials too which required different concentration & fine motor skills.Perfect day for it.Because my students loves spring day crafts Horse craft idea for kids Do you like horses? All the kids love horses. When you grow up, when I ask what job you want to do, Shhe said:I want... 

13 Feb

Monkey craft and art idea for preschoolers It’s a hard life being a monkey, just hanging around all year! Our great and cute little monkeys the children made through the week.We made monkey craft and art activities at school.You can use construction papers,felt,colorful foam,yarn and googly eyes.             Today was all about a monkey themed Using felt and 10 googly eyes we made a monkey.This monkeys are so cute:) Monkey crafts for preschool This page includes a lot of monkey crafts and activities for kıds,preschoolers,kindergarten.I love seeing the kids personalities through making... 

10 Feb

Tiger craft and art ideas for preschool We have tiger-related craft activities this week. We decided to do some activities after our zoo garden tour. Check out the following art events.Recycled materials tiger craft activities                     I love seeing unique creations.There is nothing worse than seeing a display of student work where each piece looks the exact same:))) Embrace the difference.        

8 Feb

Chick craft and art ideas for preschoolers I think I enjoy doing chick and chicken craft ideas more then the boys and girls sometimes.Glad they share my love though. We have too much fun with holidays. Look how cute is that chick you can do with plastic or wooden clothespin and papers.I like this, very cute. So cute cotton pads chick. Are you ready for Easter holiday?     Handprint paint chicken and fingerprint paint chick. 1-Fingerprint paint your chick 2-Add the beak, legs , eyes and flowers         Chick craft for preschoolers We had fun making some chicken and chick craft ideas... 

8 Feb

Stegosaurus craft and art ideas for preschoolers Stegosaurus crafts out of toilet paper rolls,paper plate,clothespin and tissue papers.And Stegosaurus art activity with using paints. My girls had a craft day with this one. There were bits and pieces of paper rolls and scrap paper all over the table when we were done. It was amazing to see what they came up with though. I love the creativity.                       

28 Nov

This activity we have made using toilet paper rolls has turned into an entertaining picture work. Sizes can make such activities at school at home and at home can contribute to visual intelligence of minors. What you need: Toilet paper rolls Green paper or carton Turkey,cat,lion,turtle printable Glue/scissors and paints Firstly, cut the rolls.And sticking it in the tail section of the turkey picture. My daughter started painting turkey first Now let’s paint the tail in different colors. Is it a bad coloring?My daughter wanted to be like this. I did not interfere with her:)  

22 Oct

You will find entertaining art activities in this page related to zebra, which is an animal that children love very much. This sweet zebra hand print craft is so much fun to make.Your kindergarteners will love it. Paper plate zebra craft ideas  Your children or your students will have a lot of fun while doing these cute zebras using paper plates.    Toilet paper roll zebra craft ideas for kindergarten    Zebra crafts which prepared using cotton balls   Z ‘s for zebra art activities  

21 Oct

Animals craft ideas for preschool kids What do you think about our animal craft ideas? After finishing our Animal Habitats unit, we made different animals for different habitats as our bulletin board. The kids loved making the animals and they all came out so cute. These are the animals that my students made on their own; ”bee,caterpillar,ladybug,rabbit, bird, octopus and spider.”This is an adorable craft that even a not so crafty teacher and crafty kids can do! Thank you!                                                                 Meet a colourful... 

19 Oct

The sea had a small, cute fish.This fish was the most lovable and humane fish of the oceans. This dolphin spent most of his day playing with his friends and catching fish. One day this dolphin fish wanted to live adventure.And the dolphin was approaching the fast-moving ships on the water. The dolphin saw these ships throwing dirty waste into the sea and was very angry. The dolphin quickly escaped from there. And it started looking for a place where people are not and the seas are not polluted.  

19 Oct

Turkey craft ideas Happy Turkey Day!!! One of our yearly art traditions…. hand painted turkey hands!! This year the girls pretty much did them solo. Happy Thanksgiving! Solo? 😳 growing quickly!! Do you keep each year’s handprint? What a gorgeous way to record growth. Hope your belly and hearts are full!        

18 Oct

Do you know the story of your butterfly? When he comes out of the conch, he notices that he has wings, and the wing starts to clap. It’s so beautiful that you fly. He looks at the frog at the end, no longer has to be afraid of them, because he can escape by flying. They start to move their wings to the depths of the jungle and the forest. Flowers contain essences and chat with other insects. But something draws him to the depths of the forest. At the end he gets to the edge of a waterfall. It has a great view. Nature is amazing. Thanks for being a butterfly. Life is hard when it is caterpillar.... 

18 Oct

Preschool fish craft ideas Happy weeks! We are swimming into summer and can’t believe this was our last week of seeing kids before summer break.We did this cute and easy fish craft ideas with our preschoolers and kindergateners to work on cutting skills and creativity skills. We made handprint fish art.I love this!! My girl keeps buying these art paints we never have ideas, this is solo cute! Thanks:) This adorable “aquarium” is one of the final projects being displayed at C’s school.              I am a little fish,I like to swim.You can not catch me,because I...