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17 Aug

Fall craft and decorating idea for kids We have been nature detectives and watching the changing colours of leaves.Students made some fall trees with the colours we have been observing on the leaves.We gave the name of fall trees.Because we likes the autumn season. Students have been interested in the changing colours of the leaves.My teaching partner invited students to get messy and creative making some colorful fall trees of their own .                          Fall craft ideas                   hedgehog craft and book activities,          ... 

22 Jul

Summer craft ideas for kids I am so excited for tomorrow’s countdown to summer! we will be doing this super cute summer craft. (I image googled paper plate summer craft &this idea came up) Here’s my class sample!Btw…my fingers are offisially numb from cutting up 60 triangles and 30 sunglasses.Oh the joys of being a teacher. Beach slippers art avtivity for preschoolers(footprint flip flops)   Putting toppings on our ice creams after we wrote our spelling words in the cone.We used edicol dye today to paint ice-creams for our sound of the week. Ice creams... 

25 Mar

Easter bunny craft ideas for preschoolers Spring is coming and so is Easter preparations these bunnies have a whole mix of emotions but all with a shake of happy:) Happy Easter everyone.We have had so much fun over the last week or so making all these cute arts and crafts from craft week. Normally we just paint on plasters, but these are so much more fun and has a great variety. The only problem is my daughte’s wants to do all them all in one day I need to teach her to pace herself:)     Happy Easter every body.2littles Easter rabbit will coming today for hide some chocolate... 

18 Mar

Spring tree craft with popcorn for kids These trees were made by my wife’s sister. Actually, she’s my sister too. Because I love her. She’s got students, so she’s a teacher. It’s like a winter tree. But she told me that we made spring trees crafts. I don’t want to upset her. I’m just adding a spring. For students, you must prepare tree-printable and popcorn. The rest is very easy. easy corn craft for kids using real popcorn,                 

9 Mar

Spring craft ideas for preschoolers Spring is around the corner…According to the calendar!It appears Mother Nature has other plans….In any case we created a flower garden with high hopes for spring weather,soon! Spring has sprung!!! Loving these springy flower collages: paint, Easter grass, egg cartons, pipe cleaners and cotton balls! Oh my!! Thanks, pinterest for the inspiration…. Here’s to warmer temps and lots of real flowers     You and your girls and your sons are unstoppable at the moment! Create, create, create then create some more! Spring paper crafts... 

30 Jan

Ice hockey craft idea for preschoolers This page includes alot of free ice hockey craft ideas for kids.Do these crafts with your students with your child and enjoy. Children are your future… You can also send your free crafts in this page. Mail:  

26 Oct

‘Come under my umbrella it’s starting to rain’.We decorated umbrellas with tissue paper pieces giving them a patterned look! Children got to choose their favourite colour too! Umbrellas go up, umbrellas go down! we painted these mini umbrellas with sponges to get a textured effect! Umbrellas come in all sorts of patterns and colours!These are wonderful!  Love the colors!  

25 Oct

Put on the right place! We offer you a puzzle for beginners. We develop attention, thinking, fine motor skills, speech- vocabulary expanding, narrative skills, we are revising the inner classification of animals. Which part is missing? Excellent exercise for attention, speech and thinking development, fine motor skills. Find the missing piece of the pictures Which part is missing and say it with one word Excellent exercise for attention, speech- parts of the objects and thinking development, fine motor skills. Finding missing numbers in a series    

14 Mar

Snowman button counting game This page includes  a counting game with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our winter theme.We have fun 🙂 What a better way to start the day than this great activity combining fine motor skills and counting. I prepared the snowman using the background paper, I put the googly eyes on the play. I put the number stamps on the popstick. My daughter put the buttons on the snowman of what number snowman’s hat came :)This is a super fun counting activity that all little snowman will love.Your kids will stay busy with this one a long time! #gallery-5 { margin:... 

26 Dec

Corn math activity and corn crafts In this page, there is an activity for my girl that I prepare to repeat numbers and shapes. First we toss the number dice, then we put the dot sticker on that number. Then the other shapes on the sticker saying the name and paste it on the shapes on the corn.I have drawn the corn picture myself. You can also draw the lines or use the template.All you need; a paper,a pencil and dot stickers.Have fun !    

8 Dec

Penguin Shape Match Fun This page includes a penguin craft with toilet paper rolls prepared  by me for my sweet girl.We had so much fun!  This is a math  exercise. The child is developing hand-eye coordination, concentration, practicing aiming for a target. Here is how we made the penguins. Firstly,we cover our rolls with black background paper. Then we make the body part with white background paper. We create the mouth part by following the steps in the picture. We prepare each of the rolls in this way. Now we gluing the feet. Then the wings Here is how we made the fishes. First... 

1 Dec

Fall leaves craft ideas What to do with all those leaves you’ve racked up?….use them to make these quirky leaf animals.So cute.We made our own hedgehog with our leaves.We used rocks,stones,leaves and natural materials. Two owls on the tree.On the ground is a hedgehog.Excellent crafts and great language skills.I could not do a better collage crafts:)   Finally we talked to them.Today’s best friends The leaves and stones that we gathered this year are very useful. Autumn-fall craft ideas #gallery-6 { margin: auto; } #gallery-6 .gallery-item { float:...