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27 Mar

This page has a lot of free ladybug mandala coloring pages for kıds,preschool,primary school. Ladybug mandala coloring pages Spring ladybug free mandala printables Mandala coloring pages for kıds Mandala Printable Worksheets Easter mandala coloring pages  

27 Feb

Feed the Penguin Games for Kıds Prep Work: Get an old cardboard box and some black, white, and orange construction paper. We used a graham cracker box. Wrap the black construction paper around the box. Using a knife, cut an oval shaped hole for the mouth. For the beak, cut a square out of orange construction paper. Then cut an oval shaped hole in the middle. Tape the beak onto the penguin. Eyes,feet and stomach Cut out 2 black, oval flaps for the wings and tape one on each side. and fıshes Then draw on whatever concept you want to teach: shapes, numbers, letters, math, words, etc. ... 

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