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27 Oct

Cactus crafts activities for preschoolers Want to make something fun with the children today?Look at came to mind.It’s a cactus week this week.The despicable flower of the desert.Let’s to start This cactus crafts;Make as a decoration or as a gift, and the haberdashery will be open late so you can round off your Christmas shopping whilst you craft!                                Sometimes it’s nice to do a project that I can finish in one sitting… maybe an extended sitting  

27 Jun

Stone craft idea for preschoolers First I paint with white acrylic paint, then with a pencil, I paint them with either a pencil or sometimes colored acrylic paints, I paint with a black thin-tipped acetate pen and spray paint varnish on the… Our story stones, which we will voice while reading dinosaur books,cat books,snowman books,Valentine day books. I think it’s a great idea: it is aimed to tell the stories by using the creativity of the child with pebbles painted on different shapes. Those with hand skills offer an idea that they can easily do. Stone craft idea for kids&...