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13 Sep

Tree art and craft activities for preschool,kindergarten and toddlers Spring paid us an early visit! Beautiful day today, most of the rain was gone by the afternoon. We were inside of a misty cloud all week.Today and then it sunny on us right at the end. Make your way to the School garden to make a tree and add it to their forest during Here is one of our first crafts for English class: glueing fall colored pompons and tissue papers on our tree! Great way to learn some spring colors in English, sorting by colors and our natural vocabulary. Our challenge was to work in groups with both educators... 

18 Mar

Spring tree craft with popcorn for kids These trees were made by my wife’s sister. Actually, she’s my sister too. Because I love her. She’s got students, so she’s a teacher. It’s like a winter tree. But she told me that we made spring trees crafts. I don’t want to upset her. I’m just adding a spring. For students, you must prepare tree-printable and popcorn. The rest is very easy. easy corn craft for kids using real popcorn,