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24 Feb

GRANDPARENTS DAY CRAFT IDEAS Children live with their grandparents are emotionally more powerful than other children. Also, we can see that these children have better communication skills. Children who live far away from their grandparents become selfish and egocentric. Grandmother and grandfather are important factors in children’s socialization process. Making these beautiful people happy even just once a year is our the most important duty. We should help our children acquire these skills at young ages. Celebrations might be organized at preschool level by using various materials. We can organize... 

13 Feb

Germ craft and art ideas for preschoolers We made our own germs. Wash,wash.wash your hands. Soap will make them clean. Scrubs the germs til they fall off,to make them nice and clean Germ themned bulletin board ideas Water and germs activities for kids Germs craft idea for preschoolers Germ art activity for toddlers    

27 Jan

The hazards of smoking cigarettes  

21 Jan

Please dont waste water Save water craft idea for preschoolers,kids    

9 Jan

Give life give blood:)))) The social project Ambulance crafts for kids      

6 Dec

3 december disability day craft and activities Disability day craft idea for kids Disability day craft idea for preschoolers    

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