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25 Nov

Homeschool cotton transfer activity with using tongs I finally did another transfer activity! We moved 3 weeks ago and I’m finally organized enough that we can find the stuff for this.I started with a simple transfer, with bowls and tong and cottons. It quickly graduated to transfer by hand, pouring on the tray, and filling his bug catcher instead of the bowl.We used cotton,two bowls,tray and tongs Benefits:Fine motor skills and Hand-eye coordination I love all the activities I did with her.  

17 Nov

Pompoms transfer Morning activity the other day: pom-pom tongs transfer. I don’t know why but C is obsessed with pom-poms! Another favorite activity that we will definitely do again Direct aim : To teach the child how to transfer the pom-poms from one bowl to an identical bowl. Remember to start from left to right (as a preparation for writing from left to right). Indirect Aims : To develop fine motor control, hand-eye coordination, independence, concentration and sense of order – to strengthen hand and finger muscles – to develop pincer grip for writing Materials: Pom poms Tray Bowls...