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14 Oct

Little red riding hood crafts for preschoolers,kids,toddlers. While Red Riding Hood plays with the squirrel, her mother comes in and asks her to take the basket full of cake to her grandmother. The Red Riding Hood and the squirrel are set on the road. The wolf who wanders through the jungle gets the scent of the cake and goes after them. Red Riding Hood and squirrel they want help from the Lion King, they meet the caterpillar on duty. They try to move on with the naughty wolf. They meet their friends in the jungle, they continue with their help. They meet with the forest that talks and surprises... 

7 Oct

There are fun creative activities which dear mother Zekiye Genç Alaca prepares for her handsome boy at this page. We thank her so much again for her sharing. You can follow this handsome boy from the Facebook page of Alaca Bebeğin Oyun Günlüğü. Have fun!  

3 Oct

Fingerprint math activity for kids Children instinctively count things using their fingers. If we add paint to this “equation”, kids can leave fingerprints as they count. The result is a super fun project that combines art and math!  

3 Oct

Handprint fish craft for preschool,toddlers Need to get on that properly today. (Although we did take time to make a family handprint art activity) .There were some things worth doing – I put out two very short blog posts and spent about an hour editing a much much longer one until my editing revealed a problem with the structure I have to fix. What you need: Construction paper Paints Googly eyes and fork A little hand:) My daughter made this art activity together with the aunt.Because art loves its activities.Firstly, she went to the activity room and found the paints.These two handprint... 

2 Oct

Ocean theme handprint crab artwork This week was all about the ocean animals that live in the deep blue sea! It was so much fun! Materials: Blue construction paper Paints Two little hands Googly eyes Brush Firstly, we prepared the materials we need.Then I painted my daughter’s hands. We used orange paint. My daughter joined the two hands and pressed the paper. Now we are making eyes. Let’s do ornaments with brush now  

2 Oct

Handprint elephant art for homeschool,kindergarten My beautiful daughter has a wonderful aunt. She is a teacher at the moment. She lives in a remote place. She comes to us at the holidays every year. My daughter is always doing activities with her. She was at the time of handprinting. Mother elephant and baby elephant handprint art activity.You can easily do it and hang your wall .We are not asleep 🙂 The materials are very easy. Paper and blue paint is enough.You can enlarge the pictures. There are other activities on the pages.Thanks my sister thanks my daughter #gallery-3 { margin:... 

22 Sep

Pirate worksheets for kids In waters where the sky and sea are the same color, there was a pirate ship the body is as small as a matchbox, as thin and graceful as the wings of a butterfly, and the crew had a pirate ship full of pirates, which are smaller than a ladybug. This pirate ship is so small, it’s so tiny that if it rains a little, even the raindrops can cause the ship to capsize. The wind is a bit violent, the ship would have to listen to the wind to sail back to the sea for a while when it was airborne like a plane. And if there’s a wave, the fate of the sailor is the little... 

13 Jun

This page includes some activities  with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our aquarium themed. There are practical,economic and playful activities in this page. Do these activities with your child and enjoy.Chidren are our future… You can also send your activities in this page:) What you need: Tray Paper Magnets and ocean animal figure    

31 May

On this page I have an ice cream stand for my daughter. What you need: Cardboard box Colorful construction paper Paper towel rolls Balloon and ice cream Different ornaments Children love toys and imagination.Which child does not like to ice cream?It was an easy project but it took a little longer. Some of our materials were missing.My daughter became a freezer and sold ice cream all day long.In the evening his father sold it to his father when he came home.We learned a lot today.    

25 May

Scissor skills activities Scissor activities develop fine motor skills.In children, fine motor skills, small muscles in the hands and fingers are called. The sheath helps to develop thin / small muscles in the hand of the child to open the door to cut the paper. Thin motor muscles are necessary for many activities such as writing, drawing, knotting, brushing teeth, holding a spoon.Cutting exercises develop attention and consantration. It is necessary for the child to focus and keep the attention in the memory by cutting out the forms on the paper or cutting through the line. #gallery-5 { margin:... 

25 May

This page contains activities we made for bee themed. Materials: Bottle caps Construction papers Flowers Toilet paper rolls Bee puzzle cards Pipe cleaner and buckle Our first activity is the ones we made from the bottle caps.And bee puzzle. Here too, the beehive we made using toilet paper rolls.And cardboard bee poster Do you have a bee crown? My daughter loved it. We used pipe cleaners and buckle for ıts. We did this from the toilet paper roll. This is the ornamental side of the job. My daughter loves the flowers.Bees too. Creative activities for toddlers There is fun activities dear... 

17 May

How to make a kitchen stove out of cardboard for kids All girls especially love kitchen games. I also made a cooker for my daughter this way from the materials at my home . My daughter loved it a lot and played it for a long time. Materials: Cd Silicon gun Scissors Bottle caps Foam sheets A shoebox