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18 Jul

Aquarium crafts for preschoolers Aquarium with plants and of course fish.Great crea day with stay-at-home parents and children. Materials: Shoes boxes or cardboards Foam or felt Pipe cleaner Wiggly eyes                                    

14 Jul

Creating patterns on flying balloon This page includes an enjoyable activity with the theme of flying balloons. As for the difficulty level, it appeals to the primary school students. Along with fine cutting exercises, activities of creating patterns are made. This activity of ours which supports the development of fine motor skills will also help our children perceive artistic works. Have fun in advance while doing the activity which we will explain step-by-step 😊 First, we share our template picture. First, print this template and divide it into two equal parts from the line in the... 

17 Jun

Bookmark craft ideas for kids Monster bookmarks for your little students. I’m a great believer that reading should be fun, fun, fun           Yesterday we made up for it with an afternoon of making in the home. My daughter will be taking them to school for her friends.A great bookmark     Our bookmarks ready to hide in our library books before we take them back. Pop sticks bookmark craft(sweet animals) Homemade bookmark fun.Children 4 had loads of fun making her very own bookmarks using pencils,stickers and streamers.     For this week we made a monster bookmarks. My daughter... 

13 Jun

City project ideas for school Materials: Cartoon box Cardboards Silicon gun or adhesive Ornaments (rock,pinecone,leaves etc)                                  Homemade city There is homemade city which dear mother Zekiye Genç Alaca prepares for her handsome boy at this page. We thank her so much again for her sharing. You can follow this handsome boy from the Facebook page of Alaca Bebeğin Oyun Günlüğü. Have fun!    

18 May

 Countries and cultures at school Which country is your favorite? I like USA:) These activities were done at my school. Then exhibited the activities We made puppets from wooden spoons It was really fun:)) We learned the flags of the countries We learned about the cultures of countries We learned the tourist attractions of the countries We learned local dresses of countries Developing Countries                                             

8 May

Every parent’s dream is to bring up their children as self-confident individuals who can stand on their own legs. Children’s taking responsibility for their own behavior is not a skill that they can acquire or learn in a day when they are old enough. Development of sense of responsibility is possible with some steps that can be taken from the first years of life. Children learn by ‘experiencing-doing’. Therefore, one of the most effective ways of developing sense of responsibility is to give chance to children to live the result of their behavior. No matter how old your children are,... 

2 May

Circle weaving craft idea for preschoolers Got some of the second grade circle weavings up in the hall 2nd grade tree weavings brightening up these white walls. The projects you do with the kids are so fun. Color mixing weaving My paper plate circle weaving that I learned how to teach at today’s Possibly a work in progress by the little man or little woman:) Circle weaving success. Circle weaving by 3rd.Each symbolizes a season. Summer Fall Winter Spring Good day sunshine (if only it were sunny outside):)) Others:                        

11 Apr

Cork painting preschool and homeschool Sometimes,we use watercolor paper.Sometimes,we use black and white tempera paint on brightly colored paper.Sometimes,I cover the whole table in paper and let my kiddo paint the whole table using corks. How cute did my patternings activity work out my students:) Shamrock stamping with cork. Fish printing with cork for homeschooling Grape painting use a cork (inspired by a flower craft) Natural cork painting(tree art)  

31 Mar

Easter activities and crafts for kindergarten I have been looking forward to Easter crafts with my best buddy all winter long:) Even bunnies need felt floral crowns! If bunnies could be trained like dogs or cats I would totally want one to run around in my house. Or maybe I wouldn’t haha. Maybe if it did not poop and never needed to be feed…okay I obviously would be a horrible pet parent. anyways how fun and cute is thisconstruction paper,paper plate,paper roll bunny with paper easter eggs??? I loved making this my friends. It was relaxing to paint for a change and fun to add the crown... 

20 Oct

This page includes a lot of fun math sheets for kids for kids.Do these printables with your students with your child and enjoy. Children are your future… You can also send your free printables in this page. Mail: Math addition subtraction coloring pages  

10 Jun

Owl finger puppet handmade gift This page includes owl puppet for kids,preschoolers,kindergarten.I thank my student(Ege) for these creative puppet. This weekend by looking at the easy puppet productions with your child; You can make puppet from Chenille, puppet with Spoon, puppet with Felt, and sock puppets. You can improve your child’s social-emotional development area, creativity skills, verbal expression and language development with puppets that are prepared with puppet-making specimens. Felt pillow book for toddlers #gallery-6 { margin: auto; } #gallery-6 .gallery-item... 

8 Jun

I Make My Own Mandala Mandala activities are adored by children. They increase their attention span, strengthen their visual perception and develop their manipulative skills. In this activity, we tried to give our children an opportunity to create their own mandala instead of giving them ready made drafts. They will be able to draw whichever mandala they like on this template and color them as they wish. They might have difficulty in the first exercises but then, you will see that they will get used to it and create very different patterns. First, copy the empty template and distribute them to...