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12 Apr

Make your own fizzing fossil dınosaur eggs This page includes fossil dinosaur eggs with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our dinosaur theme. To Make Fızzıng Fossıl Dınosaur Eggs You Wıll Need Baking Soda (Bicarbonate Soda) Water Brown Food Colouring or coffee Baking Tray Small plastic dinosaurs (if you can get small plastic dinosaur skeletons even better) Vinegar Syringe, dropper or spray Fizzing Fossil Dinosaur Eggs In a large bowl add your baking soda and some of the brown food colouring or coffee– adding the food colouring will give the eggs a more stone like appearance.Gradually... 

12 Apr

This page includes salt dough dinosaur fossils with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our dinosaur theme. Made salt dough dinosaur fossils for cool dino themed week. It was a big messy fun!This fossil activity allows to kids to transaform into little archeologists.We had so much fun digging and discovering fossils! How to make: 4 cup flour 1 cup salt 2 glasses of water We put our ingredients in a bowl and mixed them. The consistency of the dough shouldn’t be very soft or hard, it should be hard on the skin. If it is too hard, you put water and if it is too soft, we put flour and get a dough... 

15 Jan

Styrofoam Ball Octopus Craft A great fun activity for our ocean theme.We placed this balls in the center of a construction paper and draw 8 wiggly legs. Then we cut out the octopuses legs.Ceren painted foam balls with purple finger paint. Finally we put the googly eyes on the foam balls. Materials Needed; Fun Foam Balls Purple paper Googly eyes Scissors/Glue Purple paint Sequins  

25 Dec

Feed the Shark Number Game My daughter loves to feed the animals. So I prepared her such a math activity. She was both entertained and learned 🙂 What you need: Paper plate Scissors Glue/tape Blue construction paper Slicon Slicon gun Foam paper Jumbo tweezers First, I cut the triangles around the plastic plate to make the shape in the picture. I draw the shape of the shark from blue background paper and cut it. I folded the mouth twice which I prepared on a plastic plate, and glued it to the blue shark craft with silicone.I glued the googly eyes with silicone. I prepare fishes with colorful... 

18 Dec

Fishing Game for Numbers It was a fun math activity that promoted hand-eye coordination development and reinforced the numbers 🙂I used blue sand on the ground. After I cut the fish, I put a paperclip on the tip. my daughter caught the fish that belonged to the number I said. “Fishing Game for Numbers”  sheets;  

17 Dec

Jellyfish theme magnet activity Make these adorable Jelly fish using cardboard and magnet and glue-scissors.Saturday is a good day for some colorful craft activity. Why not bring the snow home with you this winter with a splash of color and a new pet your whole family will enjoy. No one really wants to come across a jellyfish, but when it comes to this jellyfish magnet craft then you certainly want to be as close to one as possible. Materials: Glue and scissors Jellyfish card or printables Yellow and blue cardboard Magnet    

8 Dec

Penguin Shape Match Fun This page includes a penguin craft with toilet paper rolls prepared  by me for my sweet girl.We had so much fun!  This is a math  exercise. The child is developing hand-eye coordination, concentration, practicing aiming for a target. Here is how we made the penguins. Firstly,we cover our rolls with black background paper. Then we make the body part with white background paper. We create the mouth part by following the steps in the picture. We prepare each of the rolls in this way. Now we gluing the feet. Then the wings Here is how we made the fishes. First... 

27 Nov

Caterpillar art activity with using cotton pads What you need: Cotton rounds(pads) Q-Tips Silicon Finger paint We glue the make-up cotton into the picture book with silicone so that the caterpillars will form.   Art activities are activities that help to improve production and aesthetic sensitivity.For our  children:time,tools,place…We must provide these possibilities. The most important thing is; our children are on their way to their own skills and desires.    

26 Nov

This page includes “Forest Animal Graphing” activity with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our forest theme this week. This free forest animal graphing activity is a fun way to learn about graphing with. Materials needed for the forest animal graphing free printable Paper Laminating pouch Tape Scissors Sticker Tray        

26 Nov

Homeschool making playdough tracks activity What you need of this activity: Tray Wooden bowl Animal figures White playdough Wooden rolling Pin handle(for children) This page includes “Making Playdough Tracks” activity with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our forest theme this week.This activity is very important for fine motor skills.  

21 Nov

I designed these cute little chicken life cycle craft using cardboard!My girl from a few years ago absolutely loved them. They did the coloring and gluing. I did all of the cutting and connecting. First we talked about the egg and she immediately asked me what the dot was in the middle of the yolk which led to the discussion around having a rooster to help create babies to hatch from eggs. Next we talked about the life cycle and in making a stacked life cycle craft she practiced reading. Activity pictures;       This page contains chicken sensory box that our dear mother, Hilal Acar... 

21 Nov

This page includes Bee Sensory Table prepared  by me for my sweet girl.Busy bees working on sensory bin.My daughter had to pick up the surprise egg bees and put them into their hive. Here is how we made the bees. Supplies; Yellow eggs Googly eyes Greaseproof paper Black pipe cleaners Needle nose pliers Scissors Black electrical tape Hot glue gun and glue Stuff to put inside   Peas Sensory Bin This page includes peas sensory bin with prepared  by me for my sweet girl.We have fun!