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16 Dec

Homemade fine motor material which I prepared for my girl Because of that my daughter don’t like to touch the juicy things, I have prepared this material in order to develop her fine motor skills and eye – hand coordination. I added this material to the educational material part, because it really helps us in the view of development of fine motor skills. We have started from big objects to the small objects gradually as you can see in these pictures. We have proceeded from the simple one to the difficult. Production of the material is so easy. A stropor which can be found in the accessories... 

13 Dec

The Concept Cubes/The Colourful Towers activities This page includes the concept cubes that i prepared for my daughter. With the help of these concept cubes, which are colourful towers as well- you can learn not only  primary and secondary colours but also  such concepts as animals,fruits, vegetables, clothes, objects around us etc. By using the concept cubes, you can deal with the concept “size” and help child’s sequencing skills to improve. Also ,you can  create a great activity for language development  by making  up stories about the objects on the concept cubes .we are having ... 

8 Dec

Penguin Shape Match Fun This page includes a penguin craft with toilet paper rolls prepared  by me for my sweet girl.We had so much fun!  This is a math  exercise. The child is developing hand-eye coordination, concentration, practicing aiming for a target. Here is how we made the penguins. Firstly,we cover our rolls with black background paper. Then we make the body part with white background paper. We create the mouth part by following the steps in the picture. We prepare each of the rolls in this way. Now we gluing the feet. Then the wings Here is how we made the fishes. First... 

2 Dec

A breathing game with rolls By practicing child breathing techniques, the brain’s brain respiratory tract can be trained for a higher performance. It makes perfect transport of oxygen to the tissues. In this case, the brain, which is provided with sufficient oxygen and sugar, works at full capacity in the developing child. It is in the best condition for ease of learning, concentration, motivation and memory usage. The child’s learning limit at the school is at the highest level. Supplies; Rolls Scissors Silicon Silicon gun Cardboard Pipette Pompoms First we cut the toilet paper... 

1 Dec

Fall leaves craft ideas What to do with all those leaves you’ve racked up?….use them to make these quirky leaf animals.So cute.We made our own hedgehog with our leaves.We used rocks,stones,leaves and natural materials. Two owls on the tree.On the ground is a hedgehog.Excellent crafts and great language skills.I could not do a better collage crafts:)   Finally we talked to them.Today’s best friends The leaves and stones that we gathered this year are very useful. Autumn-fall craft ideas #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float:... 

29 Nov

Medlar transfer with squeezy tweezers A medlar is an unusual fruit that can be grown in the northeast. It is completely inedible when harvested and needs to be bletted (stored in a cool dry place) for many months. When ripe it looks like gross brown mush inside but tastes like delicious cinnamon applesauce. That’s a really good fine motor skill exercise. In a while progress to using tongs.Squeezy tweezer is a great material for fine motors skills.My daughter likes to make transfer with it.  

28 Nov

Pom poms painting Pom Pom Painting.This page includes “Painting with clothespins and pom poms”  with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our autumn theme.I especially like the falling leaves. Supplies; Brown construction paper Pompoms Scissors Silicon Finger paint Firstly,we are drawing a tree(we used construction paper) I’m in love with these colourful little balls of joy. What a wonderful sensory art…feeling a squishing the soft pom pom. My daughter  is addicted to this activity. So you might be seeing lots over here in the next couple of weeks. Finished this fall piece... 

28 Nov

Sift activity for toddlers This page includes “Sifting Salt and Rice”  activity with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our autumn theme.This is a practical life exercise. The child is developing hand-eye coordination, concentration, practicing aiming for a target, and fine motor skills. Materials: Rainbow rice and salt or flour mix Spoon Colander Small bowls  

28 Nov

Autumn tree craft and art idea In today’s big kid story time, we read fall books and made fall tree craft using construction paper, foam and construction papers.So adorable. It turned out perfect 🙂 Supplies; Brown construction paper Eva foam sheets Scissors So fun! Love this cute fall idea This page includes free autumn tree activity for homeschool. Do these activities with your child or with your students and enjoy.There are practical,economic and playful activities in this page.You can also send your activities in this page. mail: Children are our future… Autumn... 

28 Nov

Apple transfer activity for toddlers Materials: Tongs and tray Apples Paint palette I set up a simple transfer activity for my daughter this afternoon. She was very interested in transferring with the hands at first but quickly switched to the tongs, which are a favorite tool around here. She enjoyed this transfer activity My little princess said:Mom ,I finished.  

27 Nov

Caterpillar art activity with using cotton pads What you need: Cotton rounds(pads) Q-Tips Silicon Finger paint We glue the make-up cotton into the picture book with silicone so that the caterpillars will form.   Art activities are activities that help to improve production and aesthetic sensitivity.For our  children:time,tools,place…We must provide these possibilities. The most important thing is; our children are on their way to their own skills and desires.    

26 Nov

This page includes “Forest Animal Graphing” activity with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our forest theme this week. This free forest animal graphing activity is a fun way to learn about graphing with. Materials needed for the forest animal graphing free printable Paper Laminating pouch Tape Scissors Sticker Tray