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25 Feb

Snowman Baking Soda Science Activity This page includes a science activity with prepared  by me for my sweet girl. This winter snowman baking soda science activity is loads of sensory fun and learning.This snowman baking soda science activity uses simple ingredients for science sensory play. Supplıes Needed: small plastic cups baking soda vinegar water black beads orange foam paper {for noises} glitter and sequins {optional} food coloring {optional}  

18 Feb

Learning About Bones Activities There are a few of the activities I prepared under the theme of bones. I am trying to choose themes that my daughter is interested in. After reading the books about our body organs, Ceren began to wonder about her body. First of all, I prepared each activity by taking each of the five senses one by one. Then we continued with the activities including our organs and skeletal system. You can review our activities from our web site. While science activities contribute to improvement in the psychomotor direction in younger age groups, they support development in many... 

16 Feb

Counting Watermelon Seeds This page includes  counting watermelon seeds game with prepared  by me for my sweet girl.The popular fruit of summer is watermelon.Abundant juicy taste. Today we will have a watermelon math activity together. A proposal in the foreground Let your child remove the seeds from the watermelon slice you put on the watermelon seedling. So you have been supporting both hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.It’s our activity. With this activity, you can support your child’s hand-eye coordination and math skills. We have fun 🙂    

1 Feb

Little red riding hood story worksheets; This page includes activities related to the Red Riding Hood. When we listen this story it will take us all to our childhood will undoubtedly affect our children. This story is among the most popular tales of preschool children. It has been proved to be a story they want to be told again shortly after listening. All the stories end with happy ending, and this activities is attracting children’s attention. Our children who learn this story will make these activities very comfortable and have a great fun. We will feel it in the story while doing the... 

15 Jan

Styrofoam Ball Octopus Craft A great fun activity for our ocean theme.We placed this balls in the center of a construction paper and draw 8 wiggly legs. Then we cut out the octopuses legs.Ceren painted foam balls with purple finger paint. Finally we put the googly eyes on the foam balls. Materials Needed; Fun Foam Balls Purple paper Googly eyes Scissors/Glue Purple paint Sequins  

14 Jan

Our Activities with Unifix Cubes We started talking about pattern today! These unifix cube and number cards are a great way to introduce the strategy “use manipulatives” to solve addition sentences. They will be added to my addition activities this weekend. Counting unifix cubes while building towers; Number towers , superbly simple and superbly effective at determining exactly who knows their numbers! Most did 1-10 and the extension cookies did 11-20, grouping towers in tens. Even ordering the numbers was an eye-opener.Great for counting, counting on, adding and all sorts of number... 

30 Dec

Fun bird egg color matching activities for children In this page there is an activity for my daughter to improve colors under the theme of birds. This activity is an activity that contributes to the development of hand-eye coordination as well as daily life skills. The better the hand-eye coordination of children develop, the better they can use their hands. Children who can not use are forced to fulfill their daily life skills as well as the school life is affected negatively and it is difficult to write. The lack of self-confidence caused by academic failure negatively affects the child’s... 

29 Dec

Printmaking crafts for kids Exploring different patterns and marks made using toilet and kitchen rolls that have been squashed, cut and wrapped in string and elastic bands.What a fun idea.These prints are so easy and are able to be made with materials you probably already have. We also used it as an exercise in pattern making. Creative printmaking ideas for kids This page includes a lot of free printmaking techniques and projects for kids,preschoolers,kindergarten.                        

26 Dec

Corn math activity and corn crafts In this page, there is an activity for my girl that I prepare to repeat numbers and shapes. First we toss the number dice, then we put the dot sticker on that number. Then the other shapes on the sticker saying the name and paste it on the shapes on the corn.I have drawn the corn picture myself. You can also draw the lines or use the template.All you need; a paper,a pencil and dot stickers.Have fun !    

25 Dec

Feed the Shark Number Game My daughter loves to feed the animals. So I prepared her such a math activity. She was both entertained and learned 🙂 What you need: Paper plate Scissors Glue/tape Blue construction paper Slicon Slicon gun Foam paper Jumbo tweezers First, I cut the triangles around the plastic plate to make the shape in the picture. I draw the shape of the shark from blue background paper and cut it. I folded the mouth twice which I prepared on a plastic plate, and glued it to the blue shark craft with silicone.I glued the googly eyes with silicone. I prepare fishes with colorful... 

18 Dec

Fishing Game for Numbers It was a fun math activity that promoted hand-eye coordination development and reinforced the numbers 🙂I used blue sand on the ground. After I cut the fish, I put a paperclip on the tip. my daughter caught the fish that belonged to the number I said. “Fishing Game for Numbers”  sheets;  

17 Dec

Jellyfish theme magnet activity Make these adorable Jelly fish using cardboard and magnet and glue-scissors.Saturday is a good day for some colorful craft activity. Why not bring the snow home with you this winter with a splash of color and a new pet your whole family will enjoy. No one really wants to come across a jellyfish, but when it comes to this jellyfish magnet craft then you certainly want to be as close to one as possible. Materials: Glue and scissors Jellyfish card or printables Yellow and blue cardboard Magnet