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29 Jul

Sea animals craft ideas for kids Jellyfish!Painted using tissue paper.Place bits of tissue paper on the jellyfish template spray with water let dry peel tissue paper off cut out attach tentacles.Year one did such a fantastic job. The beginning of our rainbow fish display… CD fish project Really enjoyed making these jelly fish today.                                 Whale craft ideas    

22 Jul

Summer craft ideas for kids I am so excited for tomorrow’s countdown to summer! we will be doing this super cute summer craft. (I image googled paper plate summer craft &this idea came up) Here’s my class sample!Btw…my fingers are offisially numb from cutting up 60 triangles and 30 sunglasses.Oh the joys of being a teacher. Beach slippers art avtivity for preschoolers(footprint flip flops)   Putting toppings on our ice creams after we wrote our spelling words in the cone.We used edicol dye today to paint ice-creams for our sound of the week. Ice creams... 

18 Jul

Aquarium crafts for preschoolers Aquarium with plants and of course fish.Great crea day with stay-at-home parents and children. Materials: Shoes boxes or cardboards Foam or felt Pipe cleaner Wiggly eyes                                    

14 Jul

Creating patterns on flying balloon This page includes an enjoyable activity with the theme of flying balloons. As for the difficulty level, it appeals to the primary school students. Along with fine cutting exercises, activities of creating patterns are made. This activity of ours which supports the development of fine motor skills will also help our children perceive artistic works. Have fun in advance while doing the activity which we will explain step-by-step 😊 First, we share our template picture. First, print this template and divide it into two equal parts from the line in the... 

13 Jul

Frog craft ideas for preschoolers One happy boy, he finally made his froggy what he missed in the school cause of the chicken pox (and he was desperate for it)       Here is a really fun letter of the week craft if you are working on learning all about green color.With your preschooler. Your kiddo can make their very own frog while learning the sounds and fine motor skills.               Frog craft ideas for preschoolers        

7 Jul

Cheetah craft ideas for preschoolers This page has cheetah craft and art activities for kids.Making a mask with your child can be a useful activity that enhances your art and craft skills as well as fun.Whether at school or in a costume birthday party, the masks provides you to have fun while doing and while wearing it.Preschool mask activities are a useful activity to get to know colors better and improve fine motor skills.Making a mask activity for children depends on your drawing skills.If you have the skill in this, you can draw your own mask on the cardboard, cut out the paper from lines,... 

4 Jul

Fish aquarium paper plate craft for kids We have been getting creative this week making paper plate aquarium or fish. Each fish is unique and uses a different type of fish as inspiration. We have a tropical, sole, and rainbow fish. Details on how to make them are now on the blog.Fish type search:) Materials: Paper plates Colorful foams Make this fun paper plate fish bowl with your kids. So fun:)                   Paper plate craft ideas We’ve been busy crafting some paper plate this week! Students had to identify which color they wanted, then painted their plate which challenged... 

27 Jun

Stone craft idea for preschoolers First I paint with white acrylic paint, then with a pencil, I paint them with either a pencil or sometimes colored acrylic paints, I paint with a black thin-tipped acetate pen and spray paint varnish on the… Our story stones, which we will voice while reading dinosaur books,cat books,snowman books,Valentine day books. I think it’s a great idea: it is aimed to tell the stories by using the creativity of the child with pebbles painted on different shapes. Those with hand skills offer an idea that they can easily do. Stone craft idea for kids&... 

20 Jun

Sheep art and craft for preschool Are you looking for easy, inexpensive gifts to give to family members or students this craft day. .                          The perfect crafts gift for the kids. Great for a craft idea for preschools or a even to keep the kids busy on craft week day.The post includes the sheep printable as well as the labels, all you need to add is the bag and the cotton wool, and all that’s left to do is glue it all together 🙂           And here are the fruits of your labor! Nice job on your sheep craft and art and bags. Thanks students and friends... 

19 Jun

  The things we do for our children.Sometimes we spend all of their time for them.When you have the best C she has cardboard boxes waiting for you to create anything you want.We decided to have our own auto project.SO CUTE! What a good idea                 

18 Jun

Sock puppet craft ideas for kindergarten This page includes alot of free sock puppet crafts idea for kids.Do these crafts with your students with your child and enjoy. The kids loved its. Continued working on our arpilleras and sock puppets today. We were lucky to be able to pick up right where we left off! The end results are all wonderful and it was great to have the opportunity to explore and use the textile medium to tackle a bigger question about ourselves as teachers.                           Sock art and craft activity Cute and colorful baby socks can easily be turned... 

17 Jun

Bookmark craft ideas for kids Monster bookmarks for your little students. I’m a great believer that reading should be fun, fun, fun           Yesterday we made up for it with an afternoon of making in the home. My daughter will be taking them to school for her friends.A great bookmark     Our bookmarks ready to hide in our library books before we take them back. Pop sticks bookmark craft(sweet animals) Homemade bookmark fun.Children 4 had loads of fun making her very own bookmarks using pencils,stickers and streamers.     For this week we made a monster bookmarks. My daughter...